A More-Optimistic Truth About Having Children

Have you ever noticed that in this day and age, whenever people talk about kids, all they ever want to do is lament over how hard it is? It seems as though parents are desperate to let the world know how hard they have it as parents, almost like they’re fishing for credit. But here’s the thing: they’re actually full of it. Not about parenting being hard. Parenting is certainly hard, but there’s so much more to it that makes it all worth it.

Life is all about balance, and parenthood is about so much more than just hardship. It’s about so much more than waking up in the middle of the night to feed your baby. Sure, those things are hard, but they’re also marginal tasks in light of the profound love that you feel for your new offspring.

This is something that parents understand, but in our modern society, most parents like keeping the good stuff to themselves. They don’t want to let people know about the happiness they feel, but would rather ONLY talk about the challenging parts. If you’re considering having children, remember that everything in life is about balance—and this isn’t any different. Enjoy the ride and embrace each moment with gratitude.

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