5 Red Carpet Trends That Ayo Edebiri Can’t Get Enough Of

Ayo Edebiri is one of Hollywood’s most beloved young stars, and her red carpet game is always on point. Her star may be on the rise, but she already forged her own path in the world of fashion and established her personal style with these five red carpet essentials.

Strapless Gowns

Judging by some of her most memorable red carpet looks to date, including the ones at this year’s Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, The Bear actress is a huge fan of strapless gowns.

Suits With a Twist

Edebiri is a huge fan of smart tailoring, and many of her most memorable looks include mini suits. She enjoys pairing blazers with miniskirts and sometimes even adds shorts to the mix.

Playful Pastels

When it comes to colors, The Emmy-winning actress loves keeping things fun and playful, and it’s not uncommon to see her in pastel shades of pink, blue, orange, and yellow.

Just Add Florals

Edebiri enjoys floral details in many different shapes and forms, and we’ve seen her wear dresses with floral embellishments everywhere from the Emmys to the Met Gala.

Whimsical Feel

The Bear star often relies on florals to give her outfits a dreamy feel, but she’s also a fan of other whimsical elements, such as flowy materials and capes.

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