5 New Netflix Movies To Put On Your Watch List This November

Each new month brings countless new Netflix movies our way and this November is no different. Many amazing new movies are coming to this streaming service in the next few weeks, and here are five that you should put on your watch list ASAP.

The Swimmers

The Swimmers opened the prestigious Toronto Film Festival this fall, and it follows two sisters who escaped Syria during their teenage years and later made it to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Wonder

This period drama starring Florence Pugh follows a young nurse visiting a rural Irish village, where she’s tasked with observing the girl who miraculously hasn’t eaten for months without suffering any consequences.

Enola Holmes 2

Sherlock Holmes’ little sister is back for another adventure, this time solving her first case as a detective, helping a penniless matchstick girl find her missing sister.


Jason Momoa stars in this fantasy film, playing an eccentric outlaw, guiding a young girl through the dreamworld of Slumberland as she tries to reunite with her late father.

Falling for Christmas

One of Netflix’s latest Christmas rom-coms stars Lindsey Lohan as a hotel heiress spending holidays with a handsome lodge owner and his daughter after suffering amnesia in a skiing accident.

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