What to Clean and When to Clean It

Cleaning can be a mission. When it feels as though there is always so much to do, just the thought of getting started can seem overwhelming. Which area do you start with? Can you put off that chore for a few more days? Do you really need to dust on top of that counter if it’s too high for anyone to see…?

Because we understand the struggle (and the answer to the last question is “yes”), here is a guide so you can work out what to do when. 


Make your bed. If this one seems obvious, it’s because it is! Get into the habit of doing your bed first thing in the morning and set your day off to a productive start. Other things that should be done daily include washing the dishes, cleaning tables and countertops, cleaning the sink, and wiping down the stove.


Wash your towels and sheets at least once a week as bacteria can make a habit of calling them home. Do a proper sanitization of the bathroom, including cleaning the toilet. Sweep and vacuum carpets, mop areas with lots of foot traffic, and clean the microwave. 


It’s a good idea to check what’s in your fridge and freezer once a month and throw out anything that is past its expiry date. At the same time, do some scrubbing and eliminate any odors. The oven is also a spot that deserves some elbow grease. 

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