4 Colors Everyone Will be Wearing This Season

Our winter wardrobe is usually filled with neutral colors like black and gray (a lot of black and gray), but winter 2022/23 is totally changing the game! Here are four colors that need to be added to your palette ASAP. 

Cobalt Blue

Rich and jewel-toned, cobalt blue is bright and brilliant. The color is more pigmented than royal blue and was used for centuries in Chinese porcelain. It’s the type of shade that will suit any skin tone and goes excellently with denim, white, and beige.


Another pop of color this season comes in the form of fuchsia. The bright pink will make it easy to channel the Barbiecore trend which is not expected to go anywhere in light of the Barbie movie hitting cinemas next July.

Baby Pink

If brights aren’t your thing, don’t worry, because baby pink is in this season, too. The pastel hue is fuchsia’s far tamer cousin and will add a bit of sweetness to your outfit.


This winter, it’s all about bringing the bling! Metallic shades are everywhere from clothes to nails, and there is way more to choose from besides silver and gold.

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