3 Ways To Treat Damaged Hair Which Don’t Involve Cutting It

Plenty of us have long hair goals, so it’s particularly annoying when damage and dryness get in the way of our dreams. While the age-old wisdom is to head to the salon for a haircut, there are ways to combat damage which don’t necessarily involve getting your lengths chopped off. Check out these three simple treatments for mild to moderate damage which might just save your hair.

Hair Oils

Just as moisturizers can have a huge effect on our skin, plumping it and giving it a gorgeous glow, hair oils can bring back the shine, movement and lustre to your locks. Unless your hair is particularly dry or curly, the important thing to remember is to start off with a tiny amount, as even a drop too much can leave your hair looking a little lank and greasy.

Lay Off The Heat

If you’re regularly using heat on your hair, it’s going to get brittle and show the signs of damage faster. One quick way to improve the look and condition of hair is to avoid heat altogether – including in the shower. If you can face it, rinsing your hair in cold (or at least lukewarm) water can reduce breakage and frizz and boost shine.

Eat Well

Nutrition can have a huge impact on hair (and skin) health. Make sure you’re eating plenty of protein, vitamin E, healthy fats and a decent dose of calcium, too. You’ll find these nutrients in plant-based whole foods and lean meats and fish, so stock up on your favourites such as avocados, fresh berries, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, salmon and chicken.

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