3 Ways to Put a Delicious Twist on Your Kale Smoothies

People trying to eat healthier tend to add green smoothies to their diet, and kale smoothies are one of the most popular options. Unfortunately, their taste isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but our useful tips and tricks will help you make them more delicious.

Baby Kale

If your kale smoothies have a bitter, peppery flavor, it’s highly likely you’re not using the right type of kale when making them. Smoothies made with full stalks of kale tend to have an unpleasant taste, but you can make them less bitter by adding baby kale to the mix instead.

Ditch Kale Stems

The taste of your kale smoothies won’t be up to par if you simply drop full kale stalks into the mix and hope for the best. Chopping off kale stems should be a crucial part of the smoothie-making process because they’re too tough and fibrous to be used in smoothies.

Tasty Ingredients

Kale is just one of the ingredients used in your smoothies, and you can use other add-ins to balance their bitterness out. Bananas and pineapples are the most obvious choice, but you can also make your kale smoothies creamier and more delicious by adding honey, peanut butter, or non-fat Greek yogurt to the mix.

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