3 Useful Tips For Putting a Healthy Twist on Your Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are one of the most picture-perfect food trends on the market, and they’ve been ruling our Instagram feeds for quite some time. Unfortunately, they’re not one of the healthiest dinner party foods on the market, but it’s pretty easy to put a healthy twist on them.

Right Ingredients

Your charcuterie board will be as healthy as the ingredients you use to put it together. Going vegan is usually the best idea because you can ditch all the meats and dairy cheese and replace them with healthier foods that aren’t so high in fat and sodium.

Practice Moderation

Just like with any other food that isn’t necessarily healthy, charcuterie boards won’t do you much harm if you consume them in moderation. It’s sometimes hard to stop snacking when there’s a whole board in front of you, so try to use unhealthy ingredients in moderation so you wouldn’t be tempted to eat them in abundance.

Keep Things Small

Jarcuterie is a popular take on charcuterie boards that allows you to keep your servings small and on the healthy side. Instead of serving food on the wooden board, you’ll neatly arrange all the ingredients inside a jar, keeping constant snacking in check by limiting the portions.

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