3 Trends We’re Ditching This Spring

It seems, each year, that as a new season rolls around when we end up diverting to whatever it is we wore during that period the year before. But not this year. We’re not telling you to throw out everything in your closet, but we are encouraging some spring cleaning for 2023. 

Spring Florals

Florals for spring are timeless. The classic print will never go out of style, but we’re suggesting that you skip the feminine florals this year and go for something with a bit more edge. Opt for a plain tank top and pair it with jeans, flats, and a leather jacket.

Cottage Core

Cottage core was all the rage in 2022, but we’re putting the trend on hold this year. Skip the midi-dresses and lean into a blazer that is cinched at the waist. The light jacket will keep you warm but not too hot, and the silhouette is oh-so-flattering.

Puff Sleeves

Remember when we channeled the renaissance period with big puffy sleeves? Yeah, we’re over that. Embrace a more sleek style this spring with off-the-shoulder tops that add a bit of flirtiness to your look.

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