3 Tiny Purses You Need

Shopping for small and cute purses can be tricky. Is it hard to find something that is good quality for a reasonable price, while also being the perfect size for what you are looking for.

We have put together a list of the top 3 different purses and bags that you should get your hands on so that you have the right bag for each occasion.

1. A simple black leather (or fake leather) crossbody bag

This is something that you will use all the time. From going to the movies with your family, to going on a first date, this bag will be at your side (literally) through it all. You can get a super cheap one from stores like Forever 21 and H&M, or something more high end like Chanel or Balenciaga, that will probably last you a longer time. Whichever bag you choose, you will wear your black crossbody ALL the time because it is by far the most versatile bag you’ll be able to find.

2. A sparkly or more exciting colored crossbody bag or clutch

This is another bag you should definitely add to the collection for more formal events. You can wear this bag to weddings or evening parties. If you get a color like black or silver, you can be sure that you will be able to wear this bag to almost every formal event you attend. You can find these clutches online or even in bridal shops. While you won’t wear this bag nearly as often as a black crossbody bag, you still will find yourself having lots of occasions to wear this bag to in the future.

3. A bright colored crossbody bag

Another important staple in any wardrobe. This will add a pop of color to any bland outfit, and will give you something to switch out the black crossbody for once you start to get bored. Colors like yellow or bright red look beautiful against denim or black clothing. ASOS carries hundreds of options of colorful and fun crossbody bags. Moschino carries super colorful and unique bags too, however, they do sell at a much higher price point.

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