3 TikTok Food Trends That Stood the Test of Time

TikTok became the most popular source of food inspiration in recent years, but many trends that emerged on this platform have since been forgotten. Some of them, however, managed to stand the test of time and people still swear by them, and these three are a case in point.

Baked Feta Pasta

Made with feta and cherry tomatoes, this version of pasta existed long before TikTok transformed it into an overnight sensation. That’s part of the reason why its popularity endured – people found it delicious long before it went viral, and kept on making it even after the hype died down.

Tortilla Hack

If you hate that feeling when you eat a tortilla just to have it fall apart along the way, this hack will be your cup of tea. It involves cutting the tortilla from the middle down to an edge, filling each quadrant with different ingredients, and folding it into a triangle, allowing all the different flavors to blend together perfectly.

Girl Dinner

The term “girl dinner” first emerged on TikTok and became a part of our vocabulary after growing into a massive hit. The main idea behind this food trend is to eat your favorite comfort snacks come dinnertime, and it became extremely popular because many people found it relatable.

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