3 Signs Your Skin Needs More Moisture

There are some common skin issues that are easy to spot. The signs and symptoms of acne are clear, as are those for dry skin. But what about when your skin is in the very early stages of a dry skin problem? What telltale signs can you spot early, so that you can address your dry skin with creamy moisturizers, gentle cleansers and face masks before it becomes a real issue? Here are some of the most common signs that your skin is heading towards a dry spot.


Do you ever get that strange, uncomfortable tight feeling? This is a sure sign that your skin needs some TLC, so step away from any harsh, astringent cleansers and treat to your skin to some gentle, calming moisture. Keep applying and maintain a gentle skincare regime until any sensations of tightness have gone.


Especially in the colder winter months, redness can be one of the first signs that your skin is stressed and under pressure. While redness can sometimes develop into acne, it is also often a precursor of dry, dehydrated skin, so if you spot redness increasing then it’s time to lay off any exfoliating acids for a while and layer up with moisturizers.


Before dry skin sets in, the skin can often show you its stressed through some mild flaking. If you’re spotting this, it’s time to very gently manually exfoliate your skin before applying a gentle face oil and then topping this up with your go-to moisturizer.

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