3 Reasons Why Everyone is Raving About the Gripping FX Drama “The Bear”

If we had to pick a single show that summer 2022 will be remembered by, the rookie drama The Bear would take the cake. The gripping tale of a young chef taking over a family restaurant following his brother’s suicide is one show everyone seems to be raving about right now and here are three reasons why it became an overnight sensation.

Amazing Reviews

It’s been about a month since The Bear premiered on FX and June 23, and it took some time for people to discover it. One thing that made it a hot commodity (apart from Jeremy Allen White’s stellar performance) is its amazing reviews and a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is truly a special badge of honor.

Tensions Running High

Watching The Bear feels like being thrown inside a pressure cooker and this show is the most anxiety-inducing thing you’ll see since Uncut Gems. Tensions are running high in each scene, but that’s exactly the part of its charm. The Bear really knows how to turn up the heat and there’s nothing quite like it on TV right now.

Cooking Bonanza

Burnt starring Bradley Cooper was Hollywood’s last attempt to explore the cutthroat world of working in a professional kitchen, and The Bear succeeds everywhere where this film had failed. Some chefs describe it as an accurate portrayal, while others believe it leaves much to de desired. Whatever the truth may be, The Bear is worth the taste—and FX already ordered up a second season.

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