3 Reasons to Cut on Screen Time Before Bedtime

Most people can’t imagine going to sleep before scrolling through social media, but this is one of the worst habits of modern humans. Most experts recommend ditching your phone and cutting on screen time an hour before bed, and here are three reasons why you should go down that road.

Better Sleep

Ditching your phone before bed can have a positive impact on the quality of your sleep. Instead of doomscrolling, you’ll go to sleep much sooner and fall asleep faster because you won’t be distracted by your phone. You’ll most likely develop a better sleeping routine in the long run once you put a stop to your late-night social media sessions.

No Anxious Thoughts

Whether you’re reading something bad in the news or stumbling upon a photo of your ex with a new girlfriend, social media can be an anxiety-inducing place. That’s one reason more to ditch the phone before going to bed and avoid content that may cause intense emotions.

Doing Something Fun

Putting your phone away an hour before sleeping gives you just enough time to enjoy other activities. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, you can read a book, meditate, do some journaling, take a nice bath—basically do anything that keeps you relaxed and doesn’t involve your phone.

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