3 Ombré Lip Looks to Try

Ombré lips are the perfect look if you’d like to switch up your classic lipstick, but don’t feel ready for dark blue lips. The look can take some skill to perfect, but the drama it brings does mean you can get away with spending less time on your eye makeup.

Purple Ombré

Perhaps best saved for an evening or Halloween look rather than the day-to-day, combining two dark shades like black and purple can bring some serious beauty drama to your face.

Subtle Nude

A stunning option for the day-to-day, this beautiful ombré is easy to perfect and touch up during the day. It will also complement almost every eye look, so it allows you to get creative with the rest of your look.

Classic Red

What better way to make a statement than trying an ombré version of the classic red? Start with the outline before working your way into the center of your lips and try and keep the blending subtle but clear.

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