Fashion Items to Invest in This Fall

Fashion looks can come and go, and keeping on top of trends can be exhausting (and expensive). Rather than changing up your whole wardrobe every season, select a few key pieces to invest in to update your style. Here you can check out three of the most important looks from this season’s catwalks, to help you decide what you might want to wear this fall.


The color you’ll want to be seen in is brash and bold. Scarlet has taken over the catwalks and has already made its move to street style. Whether you opt for a tomato-red pantsuit or a subtle red headband, bring a splash of color to your look with something red.

Pleats Please

There’s something pleasingly autumnal about pleats—perhaps it’s the connotations of school uniforms, but pleats feel very right for the season. Include them in the form of a pleated skirt, pleated pants, or even a coat or jacket with some pleat features.

Long-Line Coats

If you want to keep up with the fashion crowd, make sure you own a classically tailored long-line coat. There’s just something about sweeping through fallen leaves in a beautiful, long coat that feels very right for fall. Opt for a classic color or express yourself in a brighter hue.

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