Should You Invest in Heated Sheets This Winter?

During the dead of winter, sometimes even the warmest blanket doesn’t feel like enough. Heated sheets, sheets that you can plug in to warm up your bed before you get in, might just be the solution you need. But is the investment worth it?


One of the most significant advantages of heated sheets is the comfort they can provide. Most models come with adjustable heat settings, so you can select your preferred level of warmth. 

Another bonus of this option is that you don’t have to wait for your entire room to heat up before you get warm and comfy. Instead, you can hop into a cozy, pre-warmed bed right away.

Finally, with heated sheets, you can reduce the number of blankets on your bed, as the additional warmth eliminates the need for excessive layers. This can contribute to a more comfortable sleep environment.


Heated sheets cost about $100 so if you’re only planning to use it a few nights a year, the investment might not be worth it. 

Heated sheets are also a bit more complicated to clean. For most models, you’ll need to detach the electrical components before washing. 

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