3 Eco-Friendly Habits That Can Brighten Your Day

We all want to feel like we’re making a positive difference to our planet. Taking care of our environment, wildlife and green spaces has a beneficial impact on our mental health, physical wellbeing and overall happiness. That’s why making even just a few eco-friendly changes within your day can boost your contentment and sense of wellbeing. Check out these easy eco-friendly habits which can help to improve both the planet and your day!

Make An Effort To Recycle

When you’re out and about, if you happen to buy a can of cold drink or a plastic wrapped snack, make an effort to seek out a recycling point, rather than just throwing the packaging in the trash. Wasting natural resources is one of the most impactful and damaging things we can do to our planet, so if you do need to buy a drink or refreshment, make a point of recycling the waste.

Avoid The Car

There’s evidence to suggest that the vast majority of car journeys are made within city boundaries. Next time you consider getting in the car, ask yourself whether walking, cycling or public transport is a viable alternative option. Of course, there are some locations which are only accessible in the car, but if the distance is within a three mile radius, generally there will be another option apart from getting in your own vehicle.

Seek Out Ethical Businesses

These days, many corporations across a range of businesses—from skincare, to food, to clothing—are certified B corps. This accreditation marks them out as ethical businesses which are prioritizing the health and happiness of their workforce, as well as that of the planet. Even if a business isn’t a certified B corp, there are plenty of more ethical options out there. Look out for skincare brands focusing on organic ingredients, food producers who source carefully and ethically, and clothing brands which focus on slow regenerative fashion rather than the traditional fast fashion model.

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