3 DIY Wall Decors to Brighten Up Your Home

Putting artwork on your walls, most of the time ends up being the last part of decorating your home. Blank wall space can be hard to fill especially if you want it to fit in with your decor. You might not consider yourself a DIY pro but you can actually create some amazing pieces of art by using the things you already have around your home. Here are three DIY wall decors you can make to brighten up your space.

Boho Wall Hanging

If you like to stick to the neutrals and boho chic is your decor vibe then create this macrame and wood wall hanging. All you need is a piece of wood and some yarn and you can create whatever design you want in whatever size fits your room. Check out youtube videos to perfect your macrame designs.

Plant Wall

If you have the ability to keep plants alive, then this is for you. It might take a little time and effort but the effect is so vibrant and beautiful. Live plants bring oxygen to your space and can help boost your mood. Try any design and plants you love and play around until you get the look you want.

Picture Gallery Wall

Start printing out those pics you are storing on your phone and use them to decorate your home. What better way to remember the good times than having them as a constant reminder on your walls. You can play around with the arrangement, frames, colors and make it suit your room however you like.

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