You Need to Buy These TikTok Approved Products in 2023

TikTok is the most visited app of 2022, so it’s no wonder why Gen Z turns to the app to keep updated on the latest trends, from make-up, hair care, skincare, and more. This year we saw a flood of TikTok make-up products that took the platform by storm. Here are our top favorite products you need heading into 2023. 

Rare Beauty- Liquid Blush 

Selena Gomez is one of many celebrities that has hopped on creating her own make-up brand. This long-lasting, lightweight blush blends seamlessly into your skin, giving you the perfect sun-kissed look. With over ten different shades of blush, there is a shade for every skin color and tone.

Charlotte Tilbury- Flawless Filter Foundation 

According to TikTok, this has been one of the most searched-for products on TikTok. Many say this is one of the best foundations that has helped enhance their natural glow. The consistency of the product is a mix of liquid highlighter and a real-life filter that helps blur and reduce the appearance of pores, breakouts, dried skin, and more. 

Dyson- Airwrap

While this is not technically a make-up product, it is one of the most in-demand hair tools of 2022. It has dominated the hair-care game for a few years, and this year has been no different. This no-heat hair tool proves time and again how effective it is in creating various hairstyles. 

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