Why You Should (Re)Watch Gilmore Girls This Fall

When the leaves start turning and the mornings become frosty, it’s time to head to Netflix and watch (or rewatch) Gilmore Girls. This picture-perfect series is made for binge-watching under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee and, if you want to be a true Gilmore Girl, copious amounts of junk food. We’re here to tell you why fall is the perfect time to revisit Stars Hollow.

Cosy Fall Vibes

The drama of Gilmore Girls revolves around the school year and there is a big focus on fall, when Rory returns to school or college. The charming small-town Connecticut setting, almost constantly filled with vibrant leaves, pumpkins and harvest festivals, won’t fail get you in the fall mood.

The Feel-Good Factor

In these challenging times, sometimes all we want to watch is something comforting and familiar. With no high octane drama (just very fast talking), Gilmore Girls is the ideal antidote to stress and worry.

Fall Fashion

While fashion may have changed a lot in the 20 years since Gilmore Girls first aired, there’s still plenty to inspiration to be drawn from the series’ fabulous fall looks. With knit jumpers, hats and scarves galore, you’ll soon be digging through your sweater drawer in search of the perfect Lorelai-inspired look.

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