Why Recreations of Classic Films Rarely Work

It’s often the case where you’ll hear about a movie release, and later learn that it’s actually a remake of a film from 30 or 50 years ago. Remakes have become quite popular in this day and age, either because people have a thing for nostalgia or because modern writers have a lack of creativity. In any case, these remakes rarely ever hit the mark the way they should, and here’s why.

Culture Difference

There was a reason that the original version of a film worked. It was because the particular sensibilities of that movie resonated strongly with the ethos and culture of the time that it came out. So when you try to recreate it for a modern era, it simply doesn’t translate to them.

When it Does Work

However, once-in-a-blue-moon remakes DO actually work. This is because modern producers understand the cultural differences of different generations, and make a point to alter or “modernize” aspects of the movie to fit the targeted audience.

This achieves two things. One, it becomes a massive success and moviegoers as well as moviemakers are equally pleased. And two, modern viewers may actually love the movie so much that they’ll be inspired to go back and watch the original as well!

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