Why Every Female Should Watch Amy Schumer’s New Movie

It is a sad but pretty well-known fact of life that society has negatively shaped women and girl’s perceptions of themselves. Mass media constantly reinforces expectations of how girls must look and behave in order to be perceived as beautiful by the rest of society. Movies, T.V shows constantly reinforce these beauty standards by casting women who have seemingly flawless appearances.


The constant exposure to so many examples of women who fit the ideal standard of beauty as perpetuated by the media can really have an astoundingly negative impact on the self-esteem of women and young girls who don’t fit into the same mold.

Sadly, these girls and women live their lives without much confidence or self-worth because they may feel that due to their non-perfect appearance, they aren’t worthy or deserving of love.


The new movie, I Feel Pretty, aims to address this issue that has been so reinforced in society. Amy Schumer is typically known for being a pretty funny yet raunchy actress. In the past, she has always embraced her appearance and her body, showing women all around the nation that true beauty isn’t just what you see portrayed in T.V shows or magazines.

I Feel Pretty follows the main character, Renee, around her everyday life living in New York City. Renee is an average girl with an average job whose main wish in life is to be undeniably pretty. She clearly suffers from low self-esteem and a severe lack of confidence.

However, after she suffers a head injury, she wakes up a completely new person. She sees herself as stunningly beautiful, even though to outside observers, nothing has truly changed.

The movie goes to show that no one is perfect and everyone is beautiful. Confidence is key to living a happy life, and the message expressed in this movie is definitely one that is worth sharing with the world.

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