Why Ed Sheeran is Perfect

There are a ton of songs being released every year, and it seems like every week there is a new top hit, a new upcoming artist, and countless different catchy lyrics that our brains pick up subconsciously.

However, while many of these popular songs have a nice rhythm, a hype beat, or catchy chorus, if you truly listen to the lyrics, they can get a little raunchy and even not make technical or grammatical sense.  Different artists often release songs that have lyrics that aren’t quite as quality as the actual tunes.

However, one artist who seems to always use thoughtful lyrics is Ed Sheeran. I many of his past songs, he uses his words to paint dreamy pictures of romance and affection. And you will never hear any overly raunchy and racy lines in his songs.  

His new song, “Perfect” is a reflection of his touching lyrics. The song not only has a beautiful melody, but the lyrics seem to take you through an entire story. From singing about kids falling in love, to lovingly dancing with each other, the lyrics of this song are truly beautiful.

It is refreshing to know that musicians such as Ed Sheeran, whose emotions are apparent and exquisitely expressed in his songs still exist.

Instead of the excessive rapping, use of foul language, and over-sexualization of everything in the lyrics of other songs, Ed Sheeran continues to create music that appeals to a more emotional and melodic rhythm.

His songs encourage the notion that true love still exists in today’s society, something that is not often conveyed through lyrics solely focused on sex, drugs, and money.

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