Wes Anderson-Inspired AI Films are Taking the World By Storm

Wes Anderson is one of the modern directors with the most distinctive visual style, known for its symmetrical frames, vibrant colors, retro costumes, and quirky characters. His style is so easy to pinpoint that many AI artists decided to copy it and make trailers for some of the world’s most popular franchises inspired by his movies.

Star Wars

Curious Refuge started this trend with an AI-generated trailer for The Galactic Menagerie, the reimaging of Star Wars movies through the lens of Wes Anderson. Curious Refuge used Midjourney and ChatGPT to bring the visuals and script for this trailer to life, sparking a major trend along the way.

Lord of the Rings

After finding success with his Star Wars trailer, Curious Refuge decided to give Lord of the Rings the same treatment. He made a trailer for the fictional film The Whimsical Fellowship, which invites you on a fantastical journey to Middle-earth, which looks straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Harry Potter

After Curious Refuge started a viral trend with his Wes Anderson-inspired trailer, other AI artists decided to follow suit. The YouTube channel AI Show shared a trailer for The Grand Hogwarts School and used the magic of artificial intelligence to put a quirky twist on the Harry Potter movies.

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