Was Dakota Johnson Wearing Makeup at the Oscars?

Something bizarre happened at the Academy Awards. Dakota Johnson, one of the main stars of Fifty Shades Darker, made a statement while being interviewed saying she goes out with no makeup. 

While interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, she remarked, “I’m not going out wearing any makeup.” Ryan was a bit confused and wanted to clarify so he asked again: “You’re not wearing any makeup?” He wanted to understand if the 27-year-old was actually claiming that she was currently on the Oscars red carpet with no makeup.

“No,” she responded, shaking her head. However, she is clearly wearing eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, foundation and blush. So we can only assume she was sarcastic, in the style of the “I woke up like this” joke. Ah ah ah, not so funny though.

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