“Twilight” Fans Rejoice! Vampires Are Ruling Pop Culture Again

It’s been over a decade since the Twilight craze took the world by storm, but its effects still linger on. Vampire movies and TV shows are alive and kicking, and they’re going stronger than ever this year. Vampires are becoming a pop culture phenomenon again and these three projects are putting them on the map.

Day Shift

Netflix’s horror-comedy puts a humorous twist on the vampire genre and it even features some hilarious digs at Twilight. It stars Jamie Foxx as a modern-day vampire slayer, who poses as a blue-collar San Fernando Valley pool cleaner to hide his real source of income.

The Invitation

Inspired by Bram Stoker’s iconic novel Dracula, The Invitation will knock you off your feet if you enjoy vampire films with an old-fashioned vibe. It centers on a young woman who discovers her long-lost relatives after taking a DNA test, but quickly finds out they’re more sinister than it seems after getting invited to a lavish wedding in the English countryside.

Vampire Academy

After a failed attempt to adapt Richelle Mead’s hit novel to the big screen in the mid-2010s, Peacock is giving Vampire Academy another chance. The reboot TV show is coming our way and it centers on two young women navigating romance, class politics, and ancient magic at their boarding school for vampires

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