Top Tips for Shopping in Thrift Stores

Shopping in thrift stores is a fun and sustainable way to update your wardrobe. Thrift stores are full of one-of-a-kind gems that cost a fraction of the price of clothes in high street stores. However, sifting through rails of funky-smelling polyester dresses isn’t always everyone’s idea of fun. Check out our top tips for making thrift store shopping easier, more efficient, and more fruitful!

Materials Matter

Look for high-quality, natural materials. If you don’t recognize the label, a great way to find the best clothes in the thrift store is to focus on the fabric. 100% cotton, linen, wool, or modal are all green flags for quality. Other markers of well-made clothes are linings, generous cuts and pattern matching at the seams.

Try Things On

You might feel that you can wing it when the dress you’re buying is only a few dollars, but you don’t want to clog up your closet with ill-fitting thrift shop finds you never wear. Try everything on as though you’re in a regular store and only buy what you love!

Thrift Shop Frequently

Maybe you have a thrift store you pass on your way home from work, or on the way to the grocery store. Pop in for a few minutes whenever you can. This way, you’ll always have first pick of new donations.

Donate and Keep the Circle Going

A couple of times a year, do a big closet clear-out and donate your unwanted clothes to your favorite thrift stores. This will keep your wardrobe feeling fresh and give a second life to clothes you no longer wear. Plus, you’ll get some super sustainability points!

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