Tips for Finding Your Personal Style

Style is complicated—trends come and go, our bodies change, and our individual needs evolve over time. Many of us have tried more times than we can count to cultivate a wardrobe of clothes that we love to wear to no avail. It’s challenging to know what looks good on us and figure out how that fits in with whatever happens to be in style at a given time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There are a few simple tricks that can help you understand what type of pieces to keep and which ones to toss so you can curate a wardrobe full of pieces you love and will actually wear.

Learn Your Season

Seasonal color analysis is a method used for determining which colors look best on a person based on factors like their natural hair color and the undertones in their skin. The idea is that anyone can wear almost any color and what’s really important is choosing the right shade for you.

Know Your Body Shape

While no two bodies are exactly alike, there are certain patterns such as the ratio of one’s hips in relation to their waist that can more or less be categorized into general body types. Knowing your body shape can help you to choose pieces that will help you look your best so you can feel confident wherever you go.

Be Honest with Yourself

We all have some items in our closets that have been there for years, waiting for the day we’ll finally break them out to wear. More often than not, that day never comes, whether because the pieces are uncomfortable or incompatible with our lifestyle. Being honest with yourself about what pieces you actually wear and love is a great way to know what you should be looking for when shopping.

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