TikTok’s Trending Scandi Hairline: Here Is How It Can Make You Glow

TikTok has done it again! Just when you thought you’d seen every beauty trend imaginable, the app has given birth to a new sensation: the Scandi hairline. This chic and effortless trend is taking the beauty world by storm, and it’s not just about hair—it’s about radiance! In this blog post, we’re diving into the Scandi hairline trend and how it can make you glow like a Nordic goddess.

What’s the Scandi Hairline?

The Scandi hairline is all about creating a soft, face-framing effect by bleaching or lightening the hair around your face. When done correctly, the Scandi hairline will look visibly lighter around the hairline with a soft pop of brightness, mimicking the look of a natural blonde. The final look is sun-kissed, blended, and frames the face beautifully.

Glowing Benefits and Face Framing

The lightened hair around your face reflects more light onto your skin, creating a luminous, radiant look. The hair around your face acts as a frame, drawing attention to your features and enhancing your natural beauty.

Does It Only Work for Blondes?

Although this trend emphasizes mimicking naturally blonde hair, the technique can be applied to almost any hair color. For shades darker than blonde, you can use the same lightening technique to add a subtle boost of color around the face. The crucial aspect when working with darker hair shades is to tone accordingly based on the achieved level of lightening. As always, it’s crucial to consult an experienced colorist who can achieve the precise “Scandi” effect you desire.

How Can I Keep My Bleached Hair Healthy?

When requesting the Scandi hairline, always ask your stylist to use a bond additive in the bleach, as this ensures maximum protection for the fine hair around your hairline. Additionally, request that your colorist follow up with a bond repairing treatment before completing the service. These treatments help strengthen the hair and minimize the potential for further damage. If you don’t already incorporate hair masks into your routine, it’s essential to start. Depending on the lightness of your hair, consider planning an at-home hair treatment every one to two weeks.

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