Three Types of Guys You Will Find on the Beach

Going to the beach is always fun. Often times, you are surrounded by your family, friends, sunshine, sand, and many scantily clad people in swimsuits looking to amp up their tan. Regardless of who you are surrounded by, however, there are certain types of guys who you should expect to see at any beach that you go to.

The first guy that you’ll see at the beach is the foreigner. This guy wears his speedo with absolutely no shame. He embraces the drift that he feels on a windy day, as wearing speedos are perfectly normal and acceptable at beaches in his own country. However, this beachgoer will probably receive more stares of judgement than of admiration, as wearing speedos in not typical at American beaches.

The next guy you will see is one who seems to only go to the beach to throw a football. You can usually see him playing catch with his dad or some friends. And whether he actually has talent in terms of the sport or not, you can undoubtedly see him running on the beach, attempting to catch the ball slow motion style.  Sometimes this guy actually knows what he’s doing. However, he often misses the ball or overthrows it, trying to impress any pretty girls looking his way.

The last guy you can expect to find on the beach is the dad. This guy has one to a few little children that you can see him tirelessly chasing after, playing catch with, building sand castles with, or getting splashed by his toddlers who for some reason think that getting their dad wet is the funniest thing that they could do.

Regardless of where you may go to the beach, these three types of guy will most likely be near you.  However, there are so many other types of people to look out for on the beach, each with their own unique story or speedo.

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