This is Your Sign to Make a Butter Board


Not all TikTok trends are good (hello, NyQuil chicken) but this one really, really is. If you’re a fan of a classic charcuterie board, this is about to take over. Butter boards are laden with the luscious spread and then topped with a variety of goodies. Eaten with bread or crackers (or just a spoon; we don’t judge), butter boards make the perfect accompaniment to drinks. 

Quality Counts

Seeing as butter is the main ingredient, invest in something good. Regular—AKA cheap—will work just fine, but to truly make the most of your butter board, go for Irish or French butter like Kerrygold or Lurpak.

Flavor It Your Way

The brilliance of a butter board is that it is totally customizable. In the mood for fall flavors? Throw on some pumpkin seeds, honey, a bit of cinnamon, and flaky sea salt. Classic combos include roasted garlic, fresh rosemary, and some lemon zest, and chili; as well as crispy bacon, maple syrup, cracked black pepper. Go wild!

Crusty Accompaniment 

We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to eat that delicious topped butter as is, but the only thing better than butter is butter and bread. Warm, crusty French bread is the ideal vehicle to place your butter on, but crackers or Melba toast works nicely too.

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