This is Why You Shouldn’t Hang Your Sweaters

Have you ever had a sweater you loved, but over time it just stopped fitting just right? Maybe the shoulders are weird now or it hangs awkwardly on your body. For whatever reason, the sweater just isn’t the same shape anymore, even though you carefully wash it according to the instructions! This can be super frustrating, especially since sweaters are not cheap.

Since sweaters are heavy and the material can get stretched easily, when you hang a sweater up, you’re basically inviting gravity to work its magic–and not in a good way! Gravity doesn’t care about the shape of the original sweater. It just wants to pull it down, making the shoulders stretch and the rest of it become misshapen over time.

This is exactly why you need to fold your sweaters and place them on a shelf. By folding them neatly, you preserve the shape and quality of the sweater. That way, you know that the next time you put it on, it will fit you exactly the same way as when you bought it!

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