This Foundation Hack Will Keep Your Makeup from Melting in the Heat

TikTok is a place where weird and wonderful things seem to happen. Contouring facelift? Yes, please! DIY micro-needling? Not so much…

One of the latest beauty trends on the social media platform involves placing your foundation in a glass of water before applying it to your face. The strange-looking cocktail is meant to give your base a dewy finish that won’t budge during the day.  The hack may sound bizarre, but is apparently a make-up artist-approved trick. 

“This is a technique that is supposed to give you the longest wear application, that’s non-transfer and it’s supposed to make your skin look more beautiful,” says Huda Kattan who founded Huda Beauty. 

So how does the hack work? And why?

That notion you learned in science class about oil and water not mixing applies here. Placing foundation in water separates some of the oil, but also adds hydration which is ideal for summer when the heat sometimes feels as though it’s about to melt your make-up off!

Huda claimed that she had more luminosity on the side of her face where she applied the foundation using the trick, as opposed to the other. 

As for whether it actually stops your make-up from moving?

“I got a little bit of transfer, just a little and I was pressing a lot. I do think this works, I just think it’s a little complicated, a little gross and a little wasteful, but I will say, this is a hack that works.”

Let us know if you try it!

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