This Baker Creates Colorful Desserts You’ve Never Seen Before


We love to enjoy food, especially when it becomes an entire experience. Not only is the taste and texture of a dish important, but when the aesthetics draw you in, that food becomes even more tasty. Food and bakery scientist, Elana, of the blog LaniBakes, knows exactly to make your mouth water at her flavors and your eyes water at her designs.

Marbled Shortbread Cookies

Baking cookies with your friends and family is always fun and wholesome activity. If you’re looking for a new recipe to make delicate shortbread cookies that look amazing and colorful, Elana encourages you to make these marbled shortbread cookies.

Sprinkle Tart

This colorful tart covered in sprinkles is Elana’s favorite tart—and we agree. The assortment of colors, textures and general aesthetic beauty of this dessert makes us want to put this in our home as a piece of art. Too bad it’s too delicious to not eat.

Strawberry Matcha Cake

For a cake that’s light, fruity and full of matcha flavor, check out this beautiful cake, topped with a swirled mirror glaze and fresh strawberries. The inside of the cake is a chocolate base with these added flavors, for a delicious bite every time.

Triple Grape Cookies

And finally, for a cookie that is beautifully purple and unlike any other cookie we’ve ever seen, Elana has made these triple grape cookies. The dough, the glaze, and even the filling is packed full of grape flavor, guaranteed to remind you of popsicles and childhood.

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