These 3 Foods Can Actually Make You Feel Better

Many people don’t realize just how much we’re affected by what we put into our bodies. Eating or drinking things that aren’t healthy can often make us mopey and unmotivated while eating something healthier can make us feel elated and energized. If you’re in a funk, you may be interested to learn that these foods may help out. Here are three foods that can potentially put you in a better mood.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish has a large amount of omega-3, which is said to decrease the risk of depression. Granted, it’s not a miracle worker, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to eat some if you’re trying to give yourself a little boost.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the most common and popular foods when it comes to boosting your mood. There’s a reason you get the image of a person eating dark chocolate while they’re going through a breakup—it’s because it has chemicals that have been associated with making one feel better.


Bananas are also known to make you feel better, due to their abundance in vitamin B6, natural sugar, and prebiotic fiber. Great for lunch or a random snack, bananas are highly recommended if you’re feeling down.

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