There is a Scientific Reason Why We Enjoy Chocolate So Much

There are some foods that almost every person on the planet enjoys—coffee, French fries, and, of course, chocolate!

On average, 16 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed each year, with Germany indulging the most. But what makes chocolate so irresistible? Well, scientists have now found out. 

A study was carried out by researchers from the School of Food Science and Nutrition, as well as the School of Mechanical Engineering, at Leeds University. A 3D tongue was printed which possesses the same papillae, softness, and “wettability” as a real human organ, and research was conducted around what happens when chocolate and saliva combines in the mouth.

What was discovered is that the fat in chocolate has a lot to do with how we enjoy the confectionary.

Although, it is not so much the amount of fat as the location of it. 

“If a chocolate has 5% fat or 50% fat, it will still form droplets in the mouth, and that gives you the chocolate sensation,” stated Professor Anwesha Sarkar. According to the study, the fatty layer needs to be on the outside to receive that pleasant feeling in one’s mouth.

“With the understanding of the physical mechanisms that happen as people eat chocolate, we believe that a next generation of chocolate can be developed that offers the feel and sensation of high-fat chocolate yet is a healthier choice,” explained lead researcher, Dr. Siavash Soltanahmadi. 

If they need any more testing done, we’re happy to volunteer our tastebuds. 

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