The Worst Bedroom Tips Women Have Ever Tried

We bet you’re dying to know what are the worst sex tips some women have ever tried. I bet you experienced one of them already. These advices these women have received are pretty bad. Some say using lube is not a good idea, it actually burns. Another tip not to follow is to be rough during a blow job. Your partner is not going to enjoy it at all!

Another bad tip is using popsicles during sex. They are actually sticky and leave a mess. Try to replace it with ice. It is a much better idea. Another woman said to Men’s Health: “Honestly, the worst sex advice I’ve ever gotten was to ‘just feel sexy.’

Almost nothing about sex is sexy, and I always feel totally awkward when I try to be a sex kitten, so it turns out sex is one of the few areas where you can’t fake it till you make it. I’d rather acknowledge the awkwardness and laugh it off.” Long story short, just talk with your partner and do not follow random advice!

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