The Truth About Film Characters That You Hate

We’ve all gotten to a point where we’re watching a movie or television show and become so emotionally invested in the story that we find ourselves literally hating a character’s guts. In fact, people have come to hate characters so much that when they see the actor on the street in real life, they haze them (such as Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones, whose character Joffrey was so hated that Gleeson would receive plenty of hate in public). However, here’s what you need to remember about hated characters.

It Means the Actors Were Stellar

The more you hate a character, the better the actor or actress is. Period. These actors are playing a role that is against their better nature—most of the time, they’re normal people doing a job. Thus, it’s much harder playing a villain, because you really have to convince your mind that you are this “evil person.”

This may seem obvious, but if that’s the case, then why do so many people continue to make these actors’ lives a living nightmare when they see them on the street? It’s important to appreciate these professionals for their ability to provide contrast and support in the films they appear in, and better yet, to actually smile at them when you see them.

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