The Small Fashion Tip That Will Make You Sparkle

Diamond studs are like little fireworks for your ears. They take any outfit- whether it’s sweaters on laundry day, Lululemon for spin class, J.Crew for the office or Marc Jacobs for going out- and give a little jazz.

As they say, less is more, don’t be shy about adding it to an important evening with a nice dashing dress, a romantic dinner but more than this, stubs are so humble you can wear it with a casual outfit and to a regular day at the office, and make yourself notable at the staff meeting.

With time you will probably start to believe that they are your best friend.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” as Merlyn Monroe sings in guys prefer blondes. Some will say this is debatable but one thing for sure, diamonds can make any women shine at any situation.

Now, while the latest trends are all about “not too much” and “just a touch” diamonds neckless, watches or tiaras are no longer suggested. If you want to sparkle but keep tamed, go for the diamonds studs.

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