The Perfect Blazer

If you reading this and you still don’t have your own blazer in the closet than you just must o and get one right away. It’s really capable of upgrading just any outfit. It’s like a dishwasher: not completely necessary for survival, but as you get older you finally get one and then you don’t know how you could live the rest of your life without one.

The blazer puts the V in versatile. It goes with work related looks of course but also embellishes a cute, slinky top for a night out on the town. The perfect blazer gives an extra dimension to any outfit and can pull together even the most casual of looks.

A recent favorite is a blazer over a favorite tee and distressed denim shorts. Tip of the trade: many thrift stores have great collections of blazers, some even quite high end, usually for $20 or under.

Grab one, then spend the extra cash on having it tailored to your body.

Don’t be ashamed to choose a blazer that has a statement like bright colors or crazy design. You should have a blazer that most fits you and makes you feel special.

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