The Most Annoying Things About “Gilmore Girls”

There are so many things that annoy us on Gilmore Girls, especially if we are big fans of the show. Starting with Rory and Dean sleeping together while Dean was married.

Come on, out of all men why did Rory have to do it? Since when she is so not rational and selfish, that was a really bad call especially for her first time.

Not to mention how Dean treated Lindsay. Poor thing, she tried so hard to please him learning how to cook and always looking good for him. But no, that was never enough. Another thing that really bothered us was Rory missing Lorelai’s graduation.

We all remember she missed it to be with Jess. Jess really bothered us for a thousand reason.

First of all, Jess has a strong lack of communication. He doesn’t know how to express himself and say what he feels for Rory. On top of that, Jess got annoyed at Rory because she didn’t want to have sex with him at a party.

Also, Logan really makes us angry. In the last season, Logan and Rory are having an affair behind their partners’ back.

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