The Best Thing You Can Do on a Plane

Alright, so you’ve just got on a plane, you’ve stowed your luggage, you’ve sat in your seat, and now you’re gearing up for a solid ten-hour flight. You may be excited about the trip you’re about to go on, but that doesn’t mean you’re excited about the flight. Cramped with a bunch of people in a tin can in the sky can be a bit stuffy, but here’s one of the best things you can do to pass the time.

Read a Book

We know, we know, we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel here. People have been reading books on planes since they were in existence. But while there’s a large community of people who read books on planes, there’s also an entire generation of youngsters who don’t.

Encouraging the New Crowd

The younger generations—most Gen Z, but also a lot of millennials—have no interest in reading on planes. We don’t mean to generalize, but unfortunately, they grew up in a tech-filled environment that allowed them to neglect books, one YouTube video at a time. But if you’re a member of Gen Z, or anyone for that matter, who wants to start reading books but can’t find the time, a long ride plane ride can be a great opportunity to try it out!

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