Start Drawing for Relaxation (Even If You’re Bad at Drawing)

Drawing (or doodling) has been found to have great benefits on your mental health. When you spend time drawing, it can act as an escape from your thoughts and life. Not to mention, it also helps ground you into the present moment. To some people, drawing even feels like a meditative activity because of the repetitive and relaxing movements! Essentially, incorporating drawing or doodling into your life can help improve your focus and overall mental state. 

You might be thinking, “that’s great for people who can draw, but I am bad at it!”. Well, thankfully the benefits of drawing don’t discriminate against “bad” drawers (although we could argue those don’t exist—an argument for another day). 

As long as you can get out of your head of thinking you’re “bad” at drawing, you can reap all the benefits too! And if the thought of a blank page or canvas is too intimidating for you, try a paint by numbers or coloring book! It will help you get more comfortable with the idea of drawing, and maybe one day you will work up the courage to create something of your own. So break out those pens or markers and get drawing! Your mental health will thank you for it. 

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