Skincare Advice to Adhere to (and Avoid)

From the countless tutorials on social media, to the dozens of different products in store, there are a lot of opinions when it comes to skincare. And if you’re just starting out, it can all be rather overwhelming… As the largest organ in your body, your skin is most definitely worth taking care of. Here is some advice to keep in mind (and some that should be ignored). 

Eye Cream is Essential

It is said that after age 30, you should absolutely be using eye cream. But do you really need to? The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate and can tend to appear puffy with dark circles. Most eye creams contain ingredients to target this, but sunscreen, retinol, and hydrating serums do a fantastic job, too.

Burning is Bad

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that a face product burning means it’s working! At most, you should experience a tingling sensation. Anything that feels warm or painful is likely irritating your skin and should be washed off. 

Activate Before Applying

You may have heard some beauty bloggers say that you need to activate the product between your hands before applying it to your face. This is mostly only true for specific cleansers. The rest of the time, you’re just wasting product on your fingertips!

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