Should You Start Waking Up At 5 a.m.?

There’s more than one way to schedule your day when it comes to sleep schedules. Most wake up anywhere from 7 to 9 a.m. and go to sleep anywhere from 10 p.m. to midnight—but there are plenty of outliers who have their own niche. Some are night owls who don’t go to sleep till 3 a.m. while some are the opposite—early risers who get their day started at 5 a.m. Here’s why you may benefit from doing the latter if you’re not already.

Tremendous Positive Energy

There are some people who truly aren’t morning people, and that’s okay. However, we believe that countless individuals are morning people at heart, but simply haven’t gotten the opportunity to discover it about themselves.

It’s not easy in the beginning. Waking up at 5 a.m. if you’re not used to it can be downright miserable. But if you’re somehow able to make it a part of your routine, you’ll find that you have incredible energy during that time of the day.

Lopsided Comparison

The thing is that so often people stay up late doing all kinds of “fun” stuff, such as playing video games or watching Netflix. This is because we’re tired at the end of the day—so it’s only logical that we’d rather do those things than be productive and get work done.

So if you’re looking to be more productive in your life, wouldn’t it be prudent to cut those hours out at night, and instead allot them towards the morning? You certainly won’t be watching Netflix in the morning. On the contrary, you’ll be exerting plenty of focus towards what you actually want to be doing—and this may just turn your life around for the better.

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