Should You Choose Blinds or Curtains for Your Home?

When redecorating and renovating a room in your home there are so many choices to make. While many of them may be purely aesthetic choices, there are a lot that are very practical and therefore may require some more thought. A simple choice to make for a room is whether to place curtains or blinds on the windows. Here are some points to help you decide. 

Curtains Are Good at Keeping Heat in

Curtain material is often thick and heavy and as such is a great way to insulate a room. Windows are a classic way for a room to lose heat, and curtains are much better at protecting from this and blocking off any drafts than blinds.

Blinds Take Up Less Wall Space

This is ideal in small spaces where big, heavy curtains might take up too much room. When not in use, blinds can be rolled up right out of the way and don’t block any light coming into the room. 

Curtains Can be More Difficult to Clean

Depending on the style of blind, they are often quite easy to keep clean and may be as simple as wiping them down with a damp cloth, curtains however usually need to be drycleaned, which is expensive and difficult to arrange. 

Blinds May be More Likely to Go Wrong

Curtains are usually a more simple mechanism that unless seriously mistreated shouldn’t break, and they are easy to use. Blinds can be a little more complex to get the hang of and are much more prone to breaking. 

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