Save Money and Time With Press-On Nails

Fed up with sitting in the manicure chair for over an hour and spending your well-earned cash once or twice a month? Start using press-on nails! They’re cheaper, faster, and you can change up the color as much as you want. Here are some of the best press-on nails on the market.

Paint Bucket Nails

Paint Bucket is a nail salon in New York that has now produced 10 different styles of press-on nails. Each packet comes with 24 nails, a file, glue, and adhesives. All the nails are easy to press on and will last for weeks, or until you get tired of them and want to try a different style.


Glamnetic press-on nails have tons of variety in terms of the shape and length that you want. If you like the almond shape, you can find about 20 different designs in that style. There are so many to choose from and they last a really long time.


The ManiMe nails are more stickers than press-on nails, but they last a while. They take no time to apply, and you can change them up as often as you want.

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