How to Style a Bookshelf Like a Pro

Sure, you could simply fill a bookshelf with books. If you’re an avid reader and just need a place to store all of your books, this works. However, if you want your living space to look less like a library and more like an ad for an interior design magazine, you might want to think about how you will style your shelves. Shelves are a great way to add some interest to a space without looking cluttered–as long as you do it well. Thankfully there are a few ways to style a bookshelf easily!

Get Book Covers in Your Color Scheme

Okay, fine, it is a bookshelf–so maybe it should have at least a few books. You can find books at thrift stores or around your home in the color scheme of the room. Alternate between putting a few books vertically and on another shelf, you can put them horizontally! This adds a lot more interest to the shelf.

Throw in Some Decorative Vases

In between the books, be sure to leave a lot of space for other decorative items. A great option is to have a couple of decorative vases (they don’t even have to have anything in them!)

Is it Really a Shelf Without Plants?

One of the best home decor tips is to just fill your space with plants. Adding green and life into a room immediately makes it homier and is sure to make you smile when you walk in!

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