Reasons Why Cold Plunges Is The Hottest Thing To Do

Plunge pools, better known as ice baths or cold-water immersions, are becoming increasingly popular. While most celebrities have their trainers and the money to build a plunge pool in their back garden, the average person does not. However, there are so many benefits to plunge pools that they should not only be for the rich and famous. Here are our top reasons why you should start taking ice baths. 

Mood and Energy Booster 

Studies have shown that hormone imbalances can contribute to depression and anxiety. A cold plunge can reduce depression and improve your overall mood. Plunge pools are also an energy booster. Many people start their morning with a coffee or a workout but start your morning with a cold shower.

Improve Your Discipline and Focus 

Many claim that plunge pools have improved their focus. This is because when our brain thinks we will die, it goes into survival mode, making us highly focused and hyperaware. Plunge pools are a great way to practice mindfulness and focus on the present moment. 

Helps With Recovery 

Plunge pools or cold-water immersions can significantly benefit your overall health. Studies have shown that cold water immersion can have an anti-inflammatory effect on your muscles and joints, which helps promote recovery and lowers the risk of injury and pain.

Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels that run throughout your body and is the form of transportation of bacteria and toxins away from your blood cells. When our lymphatic system is not circling correctly, we feel unwell. A plunge pool causes the muscles to contract, which ‘restarts’ the circulation process. 

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